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Ra'anana, a flourishing city with striking scenic views resides in the heart of plains of Sharon. Also known as “the pearl of Sharon”, Ra'anana is a wealthy vibrant suburban city, which attracts a large number of tourists comprising of both leisure travelers and business persons. This city keeps your palette full in terms of things to see and places to visit, so much so that you may fall short of time but there will never be a dearth of opportunities for indulgence.


So, get booked a car rental in Ra'anana in prior to your visit and make the most of your trip to its lively surroundings.

The Prime Highlights of Ra7'anana!

Superior quality of education, alluring parks and galleries are the prime highlights of Raanana. When visiting this safest city of Middle East, travelers can pre-book rental cars to enjoy their stay in its riveting surroundings.

In a car, you can then travel to Gallery by the Lake or the Lev Hapark Community Center where works of some of the best Israeli artists have been preserved. The Ahuza Street dividing city into two equal halves gives you the feeling of "high-street" of England. Ra'anana's industrial park is home to some of the leading global companies like Microsoft, Emblaze, Hewlett-Packard, Am7docs and Texas Instruments. Because of the ever-growing industrial sector, Ra'anana has been named as city with the highest quality of life in Israel.

Tourists can enjoy vibrant nightlife of Ra'anana at some of the best pubs and clubs in industrial park. You can even shop at world-class modern shopping malls or visit the entrancing parks and even visit beaches o7f Herzliya, which are only at 15 minutes drive by car.

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