Petach Tikva City Car Rental

Petach Tikva City is situated in central part of Israel. The Hebrew translation of Petach Tikva is Opening of Hope and is also considered as one, because of the rich fertile farmlands that are located in and around the city. Also this city is the major industrial hub of the region which contributes to the growing economy of the city apart from being a rich tourist destination. The usual mode of traveling in this city is through a car hire    

Peth tikva

Petach Tikva City – Highlights

Perhaps one of the most striking things which tourists will notice in Petach Tikva city is its vibrant and colorful market place, which is known by the name of Petach Tikva Shouk. It has that rich traditional charm that is characteristic of a typical Israel market. Moving from the market place you could head to the eastern section of the city and visit the Afek Park. The park also houses the ruins of the old fortress which is the reminder of the ancient crusades.
Avant and Sirkin shopping mall are two biggest places apart from the local city market, where tourists can make food purchases. A rich culinary delight served in traditional Israeli style can be enjoyed in restaurants like Paprika, Uzbekistan, Pizza USA and Shwarma. For tourists who want to cover the entire Petach Tikva region in a given time can hire a car.

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