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Located in the lower valley of beautiful Galilee region, Nazareth is the largest city in northern district of Israel. This city of holiness is historically rich, yet modern in culture. It has captivating archeology and a Middle Eastern charm that attracts tourists in large counts. It might be known as the city of religion and faith, but tourists visit here for reasons beyond; take for instance its captivating Middle Eastern charm.


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On a Voyage to the Sacred City of Nazareth!

Nazareth not only caters to interests of Christian pilgrims, but also serves as an Arab capital for widespread Arab population living here.

With about 30 monasteries and churches and numerous mosques, Nazareth is one of the most sacred cities in World. Here, tourists can visit the first and the largest church of the city, viz, St. Gabriel's Church of the Annunciation which is situated next to Mary's Well. Next is the church of Saint Joseph which was built on the ruins of carpentry shop of Mary's husband. You can also visit Synagogue Church, which is right in the middle of old market.

Other attractions include White Mosque in Harat Alghama, a house of prayer as well as an educational and cultural center. There also exists La Luna Spa to unwind like never before. To enjoy the Middle Eastern experience, travel to the local market (the Shuk) for a variety of merchandise on colorful stalls.

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