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Located at the northern tip of Red Sea on the Gulf of Eilat, Eilat is a smart city attracting tourists from all over the world. The place is known for its arid desert climate, which is moderated with its closeness to the warm sea. Tourism is the most important constituent of the country's economy and an important source of income. Eilat is served by Eilat Airport and Ovda International Airport.


Eilat offers a wide range of accommodations inclusive of luxury hotels, motels, economical hostels, etc. suiting the tastes and budget of travelers. On a tour in Eilat, the easiest and the most inexpensive way of reaching Eilat from the airport is prior booking of car hire for Eilat.

A Virtual Tour down the Eilat City!

Here we have compiled a short list of the main highlights of this city-
  • The Coral Beach offering an enriching diving experience and the Dolphin Reef
  • The white tower to have a glimpse of stunning views of the marine life
  • The biblical-themed Kings City in Eilat, the Botanical Garden and Camel Ranch at Nachal Shlomo
  • Other attractions include Israel’s only IMAX Cinema and the unique bar named Ice Space

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