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Bnei Brak City is situated on the eastern side of Tel Aviv city city in coastal Mediterranean plain in Israel. It is a predominantly orthodox city, thus earning it the stature of being one of the most religious cities of Israel.

Bnei Bark

The city has relatively smaller area and houses some of the well established learning institutions in country. The tourists visiting this city largely opt for Bnei Brak car hire services in order to explore the city along its length and breadth with utmost comfort and economically as well.  

Explore The Bnei Brak City

The Bnei Brak City is cultural hub of strong Jewish culture and therefore, it is but natural to find many synagogues around the city which can easily be explored by the tourists. The city is known around the World for its religious stature. If travelers are visiting Bnei Brak city around the time of Jewish Sabbath, there is every possibility of experiencing the religious face of this city. All in all, entire Bnei city is a culmination of culture, ethics and modernity. After pondering in the sobriety of this city, now comes the time to indulge in culinary which is prime characteristic of this city. Yarkon and Tel Afek National Park is another beautiful attraction to be explored.

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