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Located in Israel's Northern District, Afula is known as Capital of the Valley due to its spread in the Valley of Jezreel. Being the only sizeable city in this part of the country, it also attracts local residents besides travelers for obvious reasons. Surrounded by small knolls and valleys, this touristic spot is known for its Israeli culture and heritage.

Afula has hints of tradition, but the modern influence is also very much visible in the city at the likes of Haamakim Mall and finely structured performance centers of Afula Amphitheater, Heichal Hatarbut Auditorium. From their personal experiences, visitors share that the city is much more traversable with affordable Afula car hire, so as to easily reach out to even the most untouched corners.

Afula - A brief overview

To begin with, valleys and hills are the most prominent attraction of this region. Tourists preferring light and simple adventures can go hiking and camping on the terrains in Afula. To double up the pleasure, try your hand at hiking the Givat Ha More Mountain for a better view of its panoramic surroundings. Hall of Culture is also a worthwhile attraction for watching cultural and theatrical shows. The Art Gallery is another remarkable option for a well-spent afternoon.

For shopping buffs, a fabulous shopping experience awaits at traditional malls. Falafel Golani, Tzarfati HaKtana and Spoons are the best of dining spaces and cafeterias here. The multiple places-to-visit and things-to-do in Afula City make way for the need to hire a car in Afula, so prior bookings are suggested.

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